1st Boronia Park Scouts are ON THE Tour de Hunters Hill!


We’re at it again, folks… join us on the¬†biking¬†TOUR of Hunters Hill!

Or maybe just swing by with your picnic to watch friends ride, from The Priory.

Sunday 23th October 2016 from 8.30am to 11.30am.

This year we are trying something a little more casual. No need to pre-register but please sign the electronic “guest book” and help us plan for future community events.scouts-australia-full-logo-1

Stay tuned for news on coffee and Boronia Park Scouts BBQ. Feel free to BYO picnic, friends and ball sports to enjoy on the lawns after your ride. And we can’t let our sponsors Wards¬†off the hook here … THANKS GUYS!

To make our brunch selection that much sweeter, 6 of our fabulous cafes are donating sweet AND savoury bakery goodies…. think mini croissants from Stoneground, DONUTS from Chichos (thanks Frank), muffins from Stain,¬†gorgeous greek kourabiethes from Ironwood and an assortment of treaty-treats from Unwritten. ¬†The Scouts are gonna have a wonderful time selling these goodies to hungry riders!

Plus, the fabulous Woolwich Pier is offering “Dinner for 6” to the lucky “Tourer” who registers and gets pulled out of the hat by us on the 23rd Oct! Can’t get sweeter than that.

ATTENTION senior students… Would you like some community service hours, by being a Tour de Hunters Hill marshall?

6 people needed 730am till 930am and another 6 from 9am till 11am

email: ¬†[email protected]

See our gorgeous 2016 video caught by Matt Teyes at the Park, on his super Drone.

Tour Facts;dhh-tour-de-hh

Fact 1 – There is no set start time or starting point. You can join the ride at your leisure and at any point along the way. The route is well marshalled from 8.30 – 11.30am and you can’t possibly get lost. A very easy ride that will take under an hour.

Fact 2 ‚Äì Help us grow! Whether you start your ride, take a break, or end your trip at The Priory, this is where will have a ‚Äúguest book‚Äù for you to sign. Decision makers LOVE data…. show them that we have a strong and active community here in Hunters Hill!


Rule 1 – Ride the route in an anti clockwise direction…easy right?

Rule 2 ‚Äì Keep left‚Ķeasy right? ‚Ķno‚Ķleft‚Ķ😉

“Have a Good Time”

Hint 1 – Use your bell when passing or whenever you are feeling particularly happy along the way (especially as you pass under the Burns Bay Bridge, it resonates beautifully!)

Hint 2 – Be courteous of pedestrians and other riders

Hint 3 ‚Äì smile🙂

We simply LOVED you last year Tour de HH… this year will be another fabulous chance to connect with friends and sail around our pretty sweet hood, ringing our bells! ¬†🚴‚Äç🚴🏽🚵

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