A See the Dentist fairy tale…


Recently, Andrew and Lucy of Discover Hunters Hill See the Dentist fame, invited my chompers in, for a clean and polish.

After filling out my client info, the lovely Maddison showed me how she scans my details into their system, does a visual double check and with a simple wipe, REUSES the laminated form. A super simple, smart environmentally sound system. Nice touch, Lucy See!

Dental Hygienist Jess took me into a brightly lit, funky treatment room where she walked me through the details of my imminent scale and polish. My answer to Jess’s first question gave both of us a good idea of just what a lazy dental patient I had been!

Alison, when was your last dental appointment? Mmmmm… Jess I honestly can’t remember! Have I failed my clean and polish already? Haha, no… but we’d better talk about your flossing. Do your gums ever bleed, or does your floss ever break? Eeeek um, I maybe don’t really floss that much?

Go gently up and down, making a C around the side of each tooth.

Fixing me with a gorgeous smile and lovely, even, white teeth, Jess gave me the hard hitting truth about cleaning your teeth.

Warning – DRAMATIC VERSION  “If you DON”T floss, you will eventually have so much bacteria between your teeth, AND under the gum, that you will start to bleed with brushing and run the very REAL risk of the silent, but irreversible, jaw BONE disease that will eventually make your teeth loose, THEN possibly fall out of your head.”

Ooops! Nothing like hearing the magical act of good old simple brushing and flossing could prevent my new nickname “snaggletooth”. I was gonna be the poster-person for a reformed, non-flosser! Luckily for me, a clean and polish with Jess meant that ALL my plaque and calculus would be completely painlessly and safely removed.

So Jess, coming to see you is like getting a “start over” with your teeth… I mean… as long as you remove all the baddies (for lazy me) every six months, not that much can go wrong, right? Mmmmm… Alison you really still need to keep up daily maintenance. It’s like having a personal trainer every 6 months, but doing no training of your own. You would be going backwards, no matter how great the personal trainer is! 

Andrew See and Jess are a team that not only wear cute caps, but help ALL their clients learn simple ways to prevent dental decay.

And with that, Jess had explained in simple English the importance of flossing. Here are the flossing tricks Jess taught me; Be systematic… and floss EVERYDAY:

  1. gently push floss up between teeth, making a C shape
  2. DON’T saw forwards and backwards!
  3. while you are in there, bend the floss around the OTHER tooth, and C shape it too.
  4. start the VERY back of your last molar >>> working along the top row until the very last molar
  5. REPEAT with the bottom row

Headphones ON – choose from a huge selection of movies while your teeth are tended. Gladiator, anyone?

Jess measured any “pockets” or gaps between my teeth and gums using a little notched ruler (looks scary doesn’t hurt a bit) and assured me my ivories were in pretty good shape with only 3 little gaps. Introducing flossing EVERYDAY in addition to my regular brushing, would ensure no more little gaps developing.

With my gaps accounted for and dental health recorded, Jess began the cleaning with her handy ultrasonic. A super-speedy, teeny-weeny, fairy-sized, battery-powered pick-axe with a water jet! That calculus didn’t stand a chance.

Thanks Jess… See the Dentist goodie bag with a sensitive toothpaste, excellent information and – you guessed it – FLOSS!

At your 6 monthly “active maintenance” checkup, you can expect to have:

  • a complete dental assessment,
  • a clean and polish and
  • an oral cancer check

“See the Dentist pride themselves on treating patients like family and friends by offering quality treatment in a caring environment.”

Open Mon – Fri with extended hours on Thursday.

For an appointment call 9816 4885, or visit www.seethedentist.com.au

We can’t wait to meet your chompers.


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