The 2016 Committee

Discover Hunters Hill is a not-for-profit association of community and business groups in Sydney, Australia including: Hunters Hill, Gladesville, Boronia Park, Henley, Huntley’s Cove, Huntley’s Point¬†&¬†Woolwich.

Chair Ross Williams  

Deputy Chair Yvonne Dornan 

Treasurer Arthur Johnson 

Secretary Matthew Ward

Marketing Garnet Meekings

David Brown

Betty Samardi

Dean Letcher

Elizabeth Krassoi

Toby Wiche

Phil Jenkyn

Past committee members include:

John Birch, Chris Schofield, Maureen Smith, Charles Amos, Brian Langford & Judy Smith

The committee of the Association, subject to the Act, the Regulation and this Constitution and to any resolution passed by the Association in general meeting:

(a) is to control and manage the affairs of the Association, and
(b) may exercise all such functions as may be exercised by the
Association, other than those functions that are required by this
Constitution to be exercised by a general meeting of members of the
Association, and
(c) may exercise all the powers of the Association including the power to
perform all such acts and do all such things as appear to the committee
to be necessary or desirable for the proper management of the affairs
of the Association.

The office bearers of the Association are to be:

(a) the chair,
(b) the deputy chair,
(c) the treasurer, and
(d) the secretary.

The aims of the association are to preserve the unique character of the Hunters Hill area, to maintain its independence as a Municipality and to ensure the viability of its local businesses, professionals and services.

Our Aims
The aims of Discover Hunters Hill are:
(a) to preserve and protect the unique character of Hunters Hill, and
(b) to maintain its independence as a Municipality, and
(c) to ensure the viability of its local businesses, professionals and services, and
(d) to do all things which the committee considers are in furtherance of, or are necessary to achieve, the above aims.

Our Functions
The functions of the Association are:
(a) to provide information relevant to Hunters Hill to the local and wider community, and for visitors,
(b) to support the activities and events of community groups,
(c) to encourage community and visitor use of the facilities and services provided by local businesses, and other bodies and organisations,
(d) to seek the provision of needed facilities and services that benefit the community and visitors,
(e) to promote a greater awareness and recognition of the natural, cultural, heritage and community values of Hunters Hill,
(f) to preserve and enhance the village atmosphere of Hunters Hill,
(g) to enhance the community spirit and sense of belonging that exists within the Municipality,
(h) to identify and promote places and events of interest to the community and visitors,
(i) to endeavour to work closely with other associations, bodies and organisations in furtherance of the aims of the Association,
(j) to pursue such other functions that are consistent with the aims of the Association.

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