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Well, our first post all about us! Your DHH team. First up our Leader ‚òû Ross Williams. Click the group shot above 🔼 ¬†to see our big happy mob. Read on ….. Here’s to spillin’ the beans! 👻

DHH Chairman | Volunteer committee
Part of the “Awesome Foursome” Founding MembersScreen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.06.28 pm


Chairman of Discover Hunters Hill, Ross Williams aka “Ross the Boss”. ¬†Not too bad a bloke, runs a pretty tight meeting, mostly because there’s drinks after. Former Mayor of Hunters Hill and founding member along with Phil Jenkyn, David Brown and Yvonne Dornan.

A scientist at heart, who weirdly claims that technology “hates” him, can often be sprung giving money away to community organisations. Caught in the act here giving $1000 to Anna Buddo from Hunters Hill Ryde Community Services.

A leader with a conscience, sometimes causing headaches. Not for him….. just the rest of his committee! Thanks RW, we couldn’t (and probably shouldn‚Äôt!) run without you.

Alison Voulgaris

DHH Co-ordinator

Alison Voulgaris DHH Co-ordinator

You may have seen this middle-aged mother of 4, pounding the streets signing up anyone standing still! Appearing to have a permanently sunny smile and easygoing nature… ALL THE TIME? It’s all real folks. Because she likes her role with DHH – alot ‚ò∫.

Alison Voulgaris seems to breeze in and out of events, companies and not for profits alike, setting the world to right  by signing them up to our fabulous DHH. Her goal is to make EVERY local organisation part of DHH. The only paid consultant in DHH, Alison has the job of organising everybody. Her idea of heaven.

Thanks for being part of our association, Alison. Our sales would be just a little low if you took a holiday. Oh…. Alison has been accused of “using emojis like a grandma”. 😱 ¬†She SO doesn’t care. 👻 ¬†

Alison believes emojis REALLY help her attract followers on instagram¬†@discoverhuntershill¬† – go on… you know you wanna!

Toby Wiche

DHH volunteer committee | Manager The Woolwich Pier HotelScreen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.05.17 pm

As our newest committee member, Toby Wiche is not really sure what he has gotten himself into. It’s ok, he manages a very big pub that lets our committee meet there…. Toby can’t really get away from us, can he?

We all love The Woolwich Pier very much. Not just because they support our community, ran a pop up bar for the art exhibition AND became an art gallery for 3 weeks… But mostly because they gave us Toby.

Thanks for being part of our committee, Toby.

Arthur Johnson

Treasurer | Volunteer committeeScreen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.06.07 pm

Arthur Johnson or “Thanassi” as he is known back in Greece, is the money man. The Hunters Hill Food and Wine Festival made Arthur perfectly happy, because he could 1. guard money 2. eat. ¬†

Formerly an accountant, nothing gets by Arthur. This means we buy our own coffees, wines and dinners at meetings. Arthur has been completely unmovable about that! Arthur is known for his can do attitude and combat skills when challenged to hand over any DHH money. Unless it’s for a community cause like Hunters Hill Ryde Community Services Inc. or the coordinators pay, it stays exactly where it belongs. IN THE BANK.

Thanks for being part of our DHH Committee Arthur and handling all the banking part of our association. Arthur, you extract money for a good cause – like a PRO.

Yvonne Doornan

Deputy Chairperson| Volunteer committee

Part of the “Awesome Foursome” Founding Members
Owner Glades Village Pharmacy

Yvonne Dornan Glades Pharmacy

Yvonne Doornan has been a member of DHH for 11 years. Owner of the super busy Glades Pharmacy in the Gladesville Shopping Village, Yvonne splits her time between her busy pharmacy, Discover Hunters Hill and The Gladesville Council of Commerce. Some people just don’t stop! We are in awe of Yvonne’s boundless energy and Yvonne scores 10/10 points for her huge community spirit. Go Yvonne!

Thanks for being a great business woman Yvonne, and helping to bring DHH into being.

David Brown

DHH committee volunteer

Part of the “Awesome Foursome” Founding Members
Principal Brown & Partners

David Brown has been a member of DHH for 11 years. David still practices law on the Woolwich side. We secretly think he’s more likely found in Ironwood Coffee Company / Cafe before 12pm, and Woolwich Pier Hotel after 12pm! Who can blame him?

Although this now makes 3 lawyers on our committee, we all get along surprisingly well.

Thanks for being a member of our not-for-profit, apolitical association, David. We wouldn’t be around without you!



Garnet Meekings

DHH Marketing volunteer committee | Owner Fox Badger FerretScreen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.06.53 pm

Concerned with all things graphic and arty, Garnet is a cool head used to dealing with chaos. Which is a handy thing to be on a volunteer committee. Not only that, he can create cool banners, flags and security passes. In fact, Garnet is always very accommodating, enduring last minute design changes, website builds and laminating Art History Walking Tour name tags, to name a few.

A pretty quick walker, we have taken bets on Garnet coming within a very decent 30 mins behind Matt Ward….. SHOULD they ever race.

In charge of his own business, and quite keen on fb, Garnet always get chosen for public speaking gigs. Maybe that’s because he’s used to the spotlight being a MUSO…. Or maybe it’s his cool moustache. Either way, you’ve seen him PLENTY, mc-ing the Food and Wine Festival. All-round nice guy.

Thanks for all you do for DHH Garnet.

Betty Samadi

DHH volunteer committee | Owner Boronia Park PharmacyScreen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.07.04 pm

Betty is a business-glamour-girl for sure, but with Boronia Park Pharmacy and Nature’s Best Vitamins for her businesses, Betty is also one helluva Boronia Park mover and shaker! We admit, in THIS photo Рshe’s having a little rest …. but with running two businesses Рwho wouldn’t need a little time out?

It’s awesome having Betty onboard, thanks for being terrifically stylish and smart to boot. Just the kinda peeps we need on the team.

Phil Jenkyn

DHH Public Officer
Part of the “Awesome Foursome” Founding Members
Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.05.55 pm

Phil Jenkyn is a dangerously, wildly, intelligent man. A take no prisoners kinda guy, who like Dean Letcher, used to be in the world of law and lawyers. Self described more “street scrapper than silk”, he nonetheless has a winning way with words. A member of DHH committee for 11 yrs, he has a way to go before he serves his sentence to our community. We keep a close eye on Phil, lest his political activities creep into our little A-political association. Part of the Historical Society, Phil keeps us young’uns aware of the marvellous heritage and significance of our beautiful municipality. Phil is known to prop up all three major local hotels in one night. A beer is the way to his heart.

Thanks for all you do for your community and DHH, Phil.

Elizabeth Krassoi

Volunteer committee | Owner Eurocycles 

Elizabeth Krassoi Eurocycles

Elizabeth Krassoi…. ideas queen. Aka “Committee Captain”. A force of nature disguised as a sweet HH mummy, Elizabeth can sum up any situation in a nanosecond… then improve it!

We’d all secretly like to be like Elizabeth, but of course we don’t tell her that. Oh, she’s also the boss of ¬†¬† Gepida Eurocycles-Australia. Her only real vice is, shhhhhh…. Elizabeth hates little emoji thingos like these ¬†¬† especially emotional ones.

Thanks E, the original creator of Hunters Hill Street Feast

AND Tour de Hunters Hill

DHH is so much better with you onboard. (emoji-free  zone)

Matt Ward

DHH committee volunteer | Owner Ward PartnersScreen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.05.28 pm

Matt Ward has been a Discover Hunters Hill committee member for 4 years. Add just 20 years and you have his age…. Kidding! An “evergreen” kinda bloke, he can’t stop being super sporty Р making all of us sick with envy. See pic.

He is a pretty big deal at Ward Partners, and is “off the market” in the romance sense. See pic. Again.

Matt makes our meetings go fast, because he says “yes”, a lot of the time. No-one has ever heard him say “no”. Not even in his inside voice. This makes him a pretty top bloke to hang out with, as well as makes Elizabeth Krassoi’s hair brained ideas work.

Check him out here on youtube, telling us all about Tour de Hunters Hill !  

Nice going Matt. Nice pic.

Dean Letcher

Volunteer committeeScreen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.06.42 pm

Dean Letcher…. seen here on the left of Graham Percival. Dean has been a DHH committee member for 2 years. He says our committee meetings remind him of prison riots. In another life Dean was a legal eagle, now he keeps our association on the legal straight and narrow. A pretty tough job, but Dean is used to stamping out criminal activity so – all good!

Dean is a history buff and has led members of the general public across Hunters Hill on Art History Walking Tours. THAT‚ÄôS brave, and we think he’s awesome.

Thanks for being a member of our committee, Dean.

Well, that’s us.

Got a question? Fancy knowing just a little more?¬†Check out our instagram¬†@discoverhuntershill¬† or email Alison [email protected]

Here‚Äôs to spillin‚Äô the beans 😉

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