1st Boronia Scouts, Hunters Hill

1st Boronia Scouts, Hunters Hill
1st Boronia Scouts, Hunters Hill
Member of DHH
21c Farnell Street
Hunters Hill

1st Boronia Scouts, Hunters Hill is a run by a group of volunteers who live in our community and are committed to supporting our youth within the framework of Scouting NSW.  We currently have 75 children between the age of 6-15 participating in weekly activities across Joeys, Cub and Scouts.

What is the Aim of Scouting?

The Aim of the Scout Association of Australia is to encourage the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development of young people so that they take a constructive place in society as responsible citizens, and as members of their local, national and international communities


What is Scouting?

Scouting is a worldwide movement that has shaped the development of youth and adults for more than 100 years. Scouts are in every part of our community, and Scouts is the biggest and most successful youth organisation in Australia. More than 20,000 boys, girls, and adults in New South Wales from wide cultural or religious backgrounds or with an intellectual or physical disability enjoy an almost unlimited range of activities.

How does Scouts work?

Scouting achieves its aim through a system of progressive self education, known as the Scout Method, the principal elements of which are:

Voluntary membership of a uniformed group which, guided by adults, and is increasingly self governed in its successive age groups.
Commitment to a code of living as expressed in the Scout Promise and Scout Law, the meaning of which is expanded as the members grow towards maturity.
The provision of a wide range of fun, constructive and challenging activities, including opportunities for adventure and exploration both indoors and outdoors.
The provision of opportunities for leadership and responsibility.
Learning by doing.
Encouragement of activity in small groups.
An award scheme which encourages participation in its full range of activities and provides recognition of individual achievements.

1st Boronia Park Scouts offers:

Joeys Scouts 6-8 year old boys & girls: Joey Scouts is the first Section of Scouts. The emphasis is on fun and friendship and a gentle introduction to a world of challenges and adventures through Scouting.

Cub Scouts 8.5 – 11 year old boys & girls: Cub Scouts have a lot of fun doing a lot of interesting things! There are games to play, codes and skills to learn, places to see and new friends to meet.  Cub Scouts all help each other, and try to help other people too.  Each week you’ll get together with other boys and girls your age and be led into adventure! You’ll wear your own Cub Scout uniform to show you’re one of us. And you’ll be able to collect special badges to put on your uniform to show your achievements

Scouts  11 – 15 Year old boys & girls: Don’t just talk about what you can do! Get stuck in…