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Jessica and two little gigglers. No wonder kids like See-ing the Dentist!

An interview with Jessica Mears, Dental Hygienist at See the Dentist … I confess, Jessica, I DID give my teeth a serious scrubbing before our chat!

Well Alison, that’s your first lesson… please don’t scrub your teeth too hard! Gentle, regular cleaning, is much better for long lasting oral health.

So why do we need a dental hygienist, Jessica… Isn’t just counting to twenty while brushing good enough?

Great question, Alison. I like the counting to 20 bit! It’s pretty hard to see absolutely everything that’s going on in your mouth yourself, like a dental hygienist can. Dental Hygienists are experts in oral health. I work in a clinical team alongside Dr Andrew at See the Dentist, creating personalised oral care programs for patients; this keeps our patients oral health in top shape and may reduce any future dental expenses. Working with me, our clients get two professionals looking after them instead of one, it’s added value for our patients.

Jessica has over 15 years dental industry experience, caring for patient’s oral health.

Sounds like Andrew won’t have to do anything soon, Jessica, with you keeping everyone’s teeth in tip top condition!

Actually it’s the opposite! Dr Andrew is kept very busy diagnosing and performing restorative treatments like resin and porcelain fillings, root canal treatment, crowns and bridges etc. My work ensures all of Dr Andrew’s treatments are maintained well into the future, and allows him to see even more patients requiring expert dental treatments. The demand for dental hygienists is growing rapidly, as dental practices can deliver quality care and education to patients like never before.

What would you say to people who really don’t bother to brush or floss?

I’d say, with a smile of course,What day suits for your emergency dental clean and scale?” but having said that, it’s not uncommon especially for children to find brushing a chore, See the Dentist has some excellent tips to get your littles into brushing. In all seriousness, Alison, the link between our oral health and general health is critical. Oral inflammation (bleeding, red and swollen gums with built up plaque and tartar on teeth) can be linked to oral cancer, increase susceptibility to pneumonia and bronchitis, raise the risk of heart attacks and even kidney failure. The next step up from inflammation is gum disease. Left untreated, gum disease can lead to jaw bone disease (which is, unfortunately painless) tooth loss and even more serious general health dilemmas. With regular, active maintenance appointments and good dental hygiene at home, these things are avoidable.

Expect happy faces and expert care from owner Dr Andrew See and his team, at See the Dentist.

How often do we need to have check-up and cleans?
True oral health is about ongoing care, hence we call my work as a dental hygienist ‘active maintenance’.

For someone with reasonable oral health, a check up / clean is generally recommended every 6 months. Even for someone who hasn’t been to the dentist for many years or suffers from gingivitis, we can get teeth and gums back to a healthy state, with more frequent appointments. We only get one set of teeth and as we age, it’s so important to look after them. Regular, active maintenance can stop little things becoming big problems, often avoiding expensive, painful treatments and absolutely decreases the likelihood of emergencies.

It’s been fabulous talking to you Jessica, it’s obvious Dr See’s patients must love your warm and caring attitude, plus being an excellent dental hygienist … you’re the perfect combination to get anyone’s teeth back into top health!

Andrew, Edward (3 months) and William (3yrs) admiring colourful street art in Sydney.

Thanks Alison, it’s great working for the local dentist in Hunters Hill. There is such a warm community feel here. Andrew and Lucy support lots of local events and See the Dentist are sponsoring the Hunters Hill Art Exhibition  again this year. Lucy tells me you are bringing a walking Art History Tour to the practice to see our pop-up art in May, as well!

That’s right, Jess. It’s wonderful to have such dynamic business and community connection in our neighbourhood. We are very fortunate that Andrew and Lucy are huge supporters of everything local, especially Discover Hunters Hill.

“See the Dentist pride themselves on treating patients like family and friends by offering quality treatment in a caring environment.”

Open Mon – Fri with extended hours on Thursday.

For an appointment call 9816 4885, or visit www.seethedentist.com.au

We can’t wait to meet your chompers.


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