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Kylie and Gavin Johnson are owners of Eastwest Physio…You two  have been here for 17 years.  What made you set up here in Hunters Hill?

We bought Dorsch & Erratt Physiotherapy Physiotherapy in July 2000.  Local residents Barbara Dorsch and Christine Erratt were owners/operators of this clinic for years and were stepping into retirement.The old rooms were in Church Street and 11 years ago we moved up to Joubert Square, above the Commonwealth bank. We doubled our footprint 4 years ago to expand our exercise and Pilates studio.

I have to tell you Gavin, after looking for my orthotics, I can’t find them!!  Do they REALLY make that much difference?

Your feet are your postural base. The movement centre in the brain devotes 27% of its capacity to the feet. So if your feet are not supporting you then you waste a lot of grey matter trying to get things in equilibrium. Wearing orthotics, if you need them, takes away a negative postural input and creates a stronger base, less pain and fatigue. We have sensitive digital and manual tests to see if your orthotics are performing as they should.

We’ve had several clients having to order new orthotics due to losing them or losing  the shoes they were in. Dogs also enjoy chewing them!   Our clients are entitled to a new pair every year as per health fund rebates. This makes it even easier having them in a couple pairs of shoes. Ladies often have a thin pair and a sports pair.

I know you are pretty passionate about children’s posture and alignment. What’s the name of your magic machine and how does it work?

Custom made orthotics are cast in a corrected weight bearing position, producing the best orthotics possible.

I wish I had my intoed feet corrected when I was growing. Often complex biomechanical faults can be corrected with a single pair of orthotics. We can untwist bone at one degree of movement per month of orthotic use. Fixing kids feet is what keeps me practicing in a neighbourhood clinic.

We use the patent Foot Alignment System invented by Neil Smith, my partner in the Foot Alignment Clinic.  We have pioneered a unique method of casting for orthotics  in a weight bearing position.  This allows us to capture the optimal standing biomechanical position.  This is very similar to how a dentist takes the impression of your teeth. So far in the world of orthotics there is no computer that can accurately scan your foot in a weight bearing position. So we still use plaster of paris and generally make a big mess. Its how I express my creative and artistic side.

The physios at Eastwest are experienced and trained at either acupuncture or dry needling – often producing excellent results.

I love the fact that you make no bones about incorporating traditional Eastern medicine such as acupuncture.  How old do you have to be to have acupuncture?

Generally we only use acupuncture on adults and school aged kids that are up for it – cold laser and myofascial release are equally as effective as using needles. I have treated my daughter with acupuncture from the age of 8. Overall it’s more important to diagnose why you have pain, rather than the discussion of treating pain.

Cold Laser Therapy is the non-invasive application of low power laser beams to assist the body in reducing inflammation, pain and muscle spasm.

There’s one more cool therapy that I’m intrigued by, Cold Laser Therapy.  I always thought that heat was the best way to heal those tired old muscles?  

When cold laser is placed over injured, sick or aged cells, proton energy is absorbed by the damaged cells.  This improves tissue repair – including skin wounds, muscle, tendon, bone, nerves; reduces inflammation and pain.  It’s great for sports injuries and speeds up the healing process.

So heat feels good, but the laser light is delivered cold?

Thats right Alison the laser can be used on tissues that are inflamed and are already hot. In situations that the old hot pack will make worse.

You guys are a couple of dynamos and your studio is amazing.  Not only do you run fitness classes but you have a class that encourages the drinking of gin & tonics?

Aaahhh.. I think you mean gyrotonic Alison!!  This is a movement modality of circular movements, flowing together seamlessly with corresponding breath patterns. Ingrid Shaw (our Gyrotonics and Pilates instructor) has more than 25 clinical years of Pilates experience and the people of Hunters Hill are very lucky to have one of Sydney’s finest practitioners teaching here.

The Gyrotonic Expansion system is a holistic approach to movement that can be adapted to meet the needs of people of all ages and abilities.

I think a G&T gets most people dancing in circles too!

Absolutely. Maybe we could do a Friday and Saturday night Gin and tone-it class?

Gav, you and Kylie are so chilled and smiley for a couple of workaholics… How do you stay sane with 3 kids and a huge glorious business to run?

We practice what we preach. Work hard, train hard, play hard and leave time to rest. We only get one body so you need to look after it. There is no excuse to live life in pain, medication and surgery are to be the last resort. Remember “motion is the lotion.”

Sounds good, Gav. Great talking to you and thanks for being an AWESOME Discover Hunters Hill member!

Please have a look at our website Release, Restore and Retrain with Eastwest Physiotherapy for our philosophy on wellness and healing.

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