No Stopping Zones can be YELLOW…

Been FINED $253 lately for parking on Yellow Edge Lines?
Not in the Municipality of Hunters Hill… – we still use vertical signs mounted on metal poles – but some councils like Canada Bay and Sutherland Shire, are using unbroken yellow edge lines on the side of roads to denote No Stopping zones.
These painted yellow lines are more durable, easier to maintain and have less impact on the visual appearance of an area than road signs.
A driver must not stop at the side of a road marked with a continuous yellow edge line.
These areas need to be kept clear so that drivers and pedestrians have an unimpeded view of each other and road safety is maintained.
Police and council parking officers can enforce this road rule, without any other road signs or indications required.
You can check out Rule 169 of the Road Rules (No Stopping on a road with a yellow edge line) and all of the road rules at Roads and Maritime Services website.

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