The Village Florist talks marriage and flowers…


Sarah Begnell, florist and owner of one of our most beautiful flower shops, is displaying her gorgeous “bouquet style” of flowers this Saturday 24th from 10 till 3pm, at All Saints Church for the Festival of Marriage, Music and Flowers.

Discover Hunters Hill asked her a few questions…
How did you get involved in the Festival of Marriage, Music and Flowers?¬†Mary from All Saints popped in from over the road and asked if I would be able to get involved in a small way, possibly donating a bridal bouquet. I can’t help myself, I offered to do 3!
What do you provide for brides and weddings? The Village Florist provide full bridal flower service, bridal party, church and reception. We also have a small range of event decor, to hire out such as mirrored plates, vases, candelabras, arch ways, pedestals and more.
hands-and-laceWhat will you have on display for the Festival at All Saints Church this Saturday? We will have 3 amazing bridal bouquets that I have personally created, as well as flyers and our business cards so that all the guests at The Festival of Marriage, Music and Flowers can find me for their big day!
Have you seen some of the beautiful bridal gowns the Festival has in store for Saturday 24th? Actually, not yet, but Mary showed me some gorgeous lacy sneak peek photos, like this one.  We currently cater an average of 60 weddings per year, so I am lucky to be in Hunters Hill where we have many gorgeous, old, sandstone churches for my brides to choose from. I get to look at the beautiful All Saints Church, just across the road from my shop Рeveryday! cherry-blossom-outside
What’s your favourite bridal bouquet this year?¬†On trend bridal bouquet I love right now : nude tones and unstructured in style and textural in appearance.
When you “tie the knot”, will you do your own floral arrangements?¬†I will most definitely NOT be doing my own flowers on my wedding day… I will enlist the help of my fabulous flower friends… they can handle it!¬†I think I have the perfect church sorted too.
the-village-floristWhat’s the future for flowers according to Sarah Begnell?¬†Much, much, MORE of them… In my world, everyone would receive a beautiful bunch every week!
Thanks for speaking to us Sarah,¬†I’m sure your gorgeous arrangements¬†will be a huge hit¬†at The Festival of Marriage, Music and Flowers
Getting married? Try this helpful booklet from All Saints Anglican Parish, Hunters Hill AND get yourself along to their Festival this Saturday 24th, 10am – 3pm, Entry $5. 2 Ambrose Street, Hunters Hill.

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