Ward Partners: DHH Super Sponsors


This little not-for-profit organisation wouldn’t be able to operate without the support from our friends and believers! Ward Partners have been cheerleaders for DHH from the beginning.matt-ward-instagram-shot

This year, they’ve become our official sponsors. There wasn’t much arm twisting … Matt Ward found this interview much more difficult than signing the cheque for DHH!

Thanks for being our #dhhplatinumsponsor Wards… you are a top example of beautiful #businessandcommunity collaboration.

1. You are into everything in our community, it seems Matt…. Why did you get involved in DHH 4 years ago?
I joined the DHH committee 4 years ago. Wards certainly were around from the beginning of Discover Hunters Hill 11 years ago and is a great way for Wards to connect with our community, outside of real estate.tour-de-hh-faces
Discover Hunters Hill has helped create and support heaps of great local events… The Tour de Hunters Hill is an event I really love because it brings so many people to ride bikes together. I’m a bit of an outdoors enthusiast so that event is fun for me to be at, and be in. Then of course the now famous – Street Feast has been an outrageous success. Who hasn’t loved 2 years of a massive Gladesville Rd street party?
2. How deep is your love for triathlons, really? Like… are you cheating on her with casual yoga?ward-matt-triathlon
I really need to start more than casual yoga because my body is falling apart! Triathlons are a way for me to stay fit and healthy in a multi-disciplined arena. I would find it so stressful to be in a triathlon competition Matthew, how do you stay focussed? Well, just quietly … fb & instagram create a little bit of a myth about how much I actually compete. I’m gonna blame overzealous friends posting heaps! But it’s nice to have a bit of physical variety. I’ve always been sporty… I just really love to be active. I thoroughly enjoy swimming, I reasonably enjoy running and I like cycling the least. How can you like cycling the least, when you’re a Tour de Hunters Hill lover? Easy, the Tour de HH is really a big picnic with a little biking on the side! The Priory is a sensational location and I really enjoy mixing with friends and locals on that hill. We sponsor the Tour – not just because biking is a top way to look at real estate – but the Tour de Hunters Hill combines nearly everything I love; a bit of sporting activity with the disc golf and riding, food, mixing with loads of people and helping to increase community profiles like HHRCS. I like the way you slipped looking at real estate in there, Matt Well, I like to think that after 16 years, looking at houses comes naturally now, Alison!
3. What would you do if you weren’t in real estate? ward-matt-hhltclub
I know you were very young when you started Matt‚ I remember getting in your little bomb of a car many ago and driving around trying to find a new HH home for us! Think you’re being a but harsh about the car, Alison. So if you weren’t in real estate? I’d be just about contemplating my retirement from the tennis circuit . Ahh yes, you’re a Lawn Tennis Club man, aren’t you? I am, I do love playing… Tennis is a bit of an obsession/passion and I get to be with other tennis diehards. Sally Stobo does a great job as President of the Hunters Hill Lawn Tennis Club. Sal’s just as passionate about tennis as I am, so I’m in great company there.
4. What is the first rule of real estate you were taught?
I don’t know whether I was taught this, but I adopted it early on, that if I say I’m going to do something, I DO it. It might be the smallest thing like “I’ll call you tomorrow” even if its to say I’m still waiting on an answer – a work rule for me.You must have been inspired, or enjoyed that “do-what-you-say-you’re-going-to-do” quality in someone else? I was really heavily influenced by my parents. Both being in small business with great work ethics, yet different styles. Dad’s a massively hard worker and mum’s got terrific attention to detail. Hopefully there’s a balance of them in me. I like to think I’ve brought my own style too. As for a favourite real estate story there isn’t just one, there’s so many. For people with a lot of emotion and love tied up in their home, I particularly enjoy building a lot of trust with them. The trust part is so important and tends to create the best outcome overall. I don’t mean just a great price for our clients, but a positive real estate experience. I love bumping into clients months later and being able to hear how happy they are in their new home, or how pleased they still are with their sale result. That’s the ultimate compliment, plus job satisfaction for me.
5. Finally, Matt’s turn to ask Alison a question!
Thanks Alison‚ I’ve been waiting patiently for my turn to grill you! You’ve obviously got a passion for the area, where did you come from BEFORE you lived in HH? Because you’ve been here a long time….matt-alison-interview
Matthew became a ruthless interviewer, getting the whole real estate story out of Alison, from Beacon Hill to Hunters Hill with a Rozelle stop off in between. As I am telling Matthew about Rozelle, our mutual friend Belinda Dowsett of BM Interiors calls Matt… Belinda and Alison were in Rozelle mothers group together 20 years ago, now she’s a mate of Matt’s, as well as a DHH member ~ SMALL WORLD 🌐
Thanks Matt for being our DHH super #platinumsponsor and well done surviving a DHH interview. No doubt we’ll see you on Tour de HH Sunday 23rd Oct!
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