What’s Your PASSION? An interview with Jake Jameison


2rrr-jakeJake Jamieson is 18 years old and has just completed his HSC at Hunters Hill High School. Jake lives locally, with his mum Amanda, his dad Brad, little brother Angus and sister India. Now hosting 2RRR “Youth Jukebox” Jake’s passion is presenting radio.

When did you first realise you loved radio?

I realised I wanted to pursue radio when I was roughly 16. After listening to Kyle and Jackie-O on the radio I thought to myself, if these two can get paid to be on radio – then anyone can. So how exactly did you go from ‘wanting to’ to getting your break on 2RRR? Did you have to pull any crazy stunts to prove you had the mettle to make it on air? Yes, I had to eat fire… Nah, it was actually easy. Some kids from school Claudia and Matt had already been presenting on 2RRR and they told us how cool it was. Literally one email later to the station, me and my now co-presenter MJ, were being shown around the studio. The next week we were live on air… the rest, as they say, is history. Haha – no we s**t ourselves the first few sessions and still manage to mess some of the technical stuff up, but now we’re very good at covering up any mistakes!

2rrr-youth-jukebox-logoWho helped you understand radio? There have been a lot of influences and mentors that have shown me the ropes – and helped me to understand radio. My big influences in order would be Hamish and Andy My co-host MJ, and our producer and station manager Mason. My earliest influence was my family, as we spent nearly every summer listening to triple J’s hottest 100 together, in our backyard on Australia Day. I mix up who I listen to on radio, but always come back to triple J.

What’s so hard about radio? Hardest part on radio is probably when you ask the listeners to call in Mj and I… thinking were Nova 96.5, but we’re only a small community radio station and well… no one calls in, very tough! Here’s the number to chat on air (02) 9816 2938. Let’s hope this nudges people to call us. Music choice is another hard one, finding the right song for the mood is a challenge every week, but we somehow manage to convince our audience, that “they-like-what-we-like”.

Your best radio moment? For me there’s no specific moment that sticks out, the best moments are when Max and I feel as though we had a good show, a show with the right amount of tracks : trash talking ratio. Giving it our all from 4-5pm, the best feeling is when you know you had a great show and connected with your audience. And Zombie Apolcalypse themes go without saying.


Where do you imagine your radio will take you? I hope that one day I could be a presenter somewhere like Triple J, where the focus is on giving Australian artists a powerful platform. With 2RRR I’ve been able to meet heaps of young and talented Aussie muso’s, so I hope that I could continue to have the opportunity, through radio, to back young performers. Community radio has been great with programs such as Youth Jukebox Young individuals are given a drive time slot with freedom to speak and organise their own content, opportunities that aren’t usually given to youth.


So far I’ve been able to get some training opportunities through the station and been able to hone my radio skills. Overall community radio has just been a hoot with the benefits of learning opportunities, as well as the freedom of speech that comes with having your own show. More people should get themselves involved in radio, they’d love it! I like radio presenting much better than playing sport on the weekends.


Thanks Jake, it’s been great hearing all about Youth Jukebox on 2RRR. So if anyone wants an introduction to 2RRR, you’d show them around? Sure, just call our station manager Mason (02) 9816 2988 and he can set it up. We’d love to have more people our age on 2RRR.

Jake, we have loved hearing how you are following your dreams, through #passion and action. You fit our #youngdreamer ideals perfectly… We wish you every success and love being part of your journey.

Be inspired by someone, right here, right now.

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