What’s your PASSION? An interview with Jordyn Richards


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJordyn Richards is a 14yr old student at Riverside Girls, and lives locally with her mum Devonia and dad, Shawn Richards. Jordyn is lucky enough to have one little brother, Kayden, making her “numero uno”¬†at home!¬†Jordyn’s passion is singing.

When did you realise you loved singing?

When I was younger my mum would always be playing music.
No matter where we were, whether it be in the car or just in the kitchen there would always be music playing. Soon¬†I started singing along everyday. With all my non-stop singing, I realised that I just loved it! With lots of encouragement from my mum, I started¬†to take lessons. Eventually,¬†I wanted to do more with my singing… so I began¬†to learn the guitar to accompany myself. It took a while to pick up guitar, but once I was able to play a song and sing by myself, I fell in love and just couldn‚Äôt stop.

Who helped you understand guitar and singing?

My mum did some research and found a local singing school called ‘Starfish Vocal Studio.’ I was taught all about my voice and singing and I still go there today. When I decided to pick up the guitar, after 4 years of singing, I took lessons at school, until my tutor suggested ‘Intuition Studios’ in Meadowbank. Without these people and organisations, I couldn’t be the singer I am today.

jordyn-white-dressWhat’s so hard about guitar and singing?

There are many challenging things about singing and guitar. For guitar, I find playing bar chords the most difficult. A bar chord is played by placing your index finger across the fretboard and then placing your fingers below in a particular chord shape. It requires your fingers to stretch really far and to press so hard! When I get the hang of it, I know my guitar playing will improve so much. With singing, the hardest thing is probably belting. Belting is singing a really loud high note, which is very, very difficult. It is done by so many famous artists like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, to create a varied dynamic in songs and makes the songs more interesting. Probably more fun to listen to as well!

Your best guitar or singing moment?musician

Although I’ve had many great moments like performing at Hunters Hill festivals, winning the Crestwood Idol Junior Singer of the Year and Overall Winner, being part of Carols on the Common and Carols by Candlelight and being a Paravision Finalist, my best moment by far, was getting the opportunity to sing a solo in the 2013 Ryde School Spectacular at the Opera House. I got to sing in front of thousands of people and I had so much fun. It was a great honour.

Where do you imagine your guitar and singing will take you?

I don’t know where my guitar and singing will take me. There are so many different ways I could go not just in performance but also in the technical side like becoming songwriter, sound engineer or even a tutor for young kids wanting to learn to sing or play the guitar. Whichever way it goes, I’ll be happy to be doing something that I love and enjoy. 

So if we ever need a singer, Jordyn…? We’ll be sure to reach out to you 😉¬†We have enjoyed listening to all your videos on your¬†facebookpage¬†.¬†Thanks for all the beautiful singing and guitar you have already given our community, Jordyn.

We loved interviewing the talented Jordyn and want to leave you with a beautiful rendition of Jordyn at her singing school, Intuition Studios end of year concert, performing Tonight Again

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