What’s Your PASSION? An interview with Ollie O’Kane


water by Ollie

Ollie O’Kane is a yr 10 student at Joeys, and lives locally with his mum Cath¬†and dad, Kevin O’Kane. Ollie is the eldest of 4 brothers and 1 sister. Ollie’s passion is photography.

When did you first realise you loved photography? Like most beginners, I began on a small go-pro camera. I loved the early images, but it wasn’t until last year, in photography classes at school that I really developed a passion for digital media and photography. Learning about techniques and the history of photography, really inspired me. This year I got my own DSLR camera for my birthday and this really got me into it.

Who helped you understand cameras? My teacher in photography class taught us not only basic principals, but that cameras were tools, used to capture our world. When I was first discovering cameras, the buttons, modes and info were so confusing! But with tips from more experienced classmates and mucking around myself, I slowly got the hang of it.

Star Trails by OllieWhat’s so hard about Star Trail pics? In sports photos the subject is constantly moving, you have to keep adjusting the focus to not get blurry photos. But star trail photography is a whole other matter. You have to set up in a good location and make really good guesses about where you think you see the most stars. I have been doing more research into astronomy and have found that to achieve the best star trails, you have to point the camera south to get good circular rotation. Once I’ve set up my camera and put in the correct shooting settings, I leave it to take continuous photos over 1-2 hours. I end up with about 200 images, which are all edited and blended on photoshop. The whole process can take a few days and is definitely the most challenging form of photography I go for, but the results can be great.

sport by OllieYour¬†best photography moment?¬†There isn’t just one, I’ve had so many great photography moments so far. Completing my first star trail this year at Easter, was a great feeling. The trail turned out amazing. In sports, it’s different again. For me, the best sports photos are often the moments between the big sports action. Like capturing boys faces listening to their coach at half time, or preparation shots of a team before a game when their “game face” hasn’t quite come on yet. but of course I love capturing try’s and big tackles, just like every else!

Where do you imagine your photography will take you? I love photography, it’s tough and challenging, but that’s what makes it so good. I hope to get into the film industry. Making a movie would be my dream job. I did work experience this year with a film director and got on set to shoot a commercial. It was amazing and I was hooked on the atmosphere of film. Along the way, I want to earn some money part time shooting sporting teams and continue to build my Facebook page and website. Hopefully, I can turn photography and film into a business.

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