What’s your Passion? An interview with Sofia Johansson


Sofia Johansson (Fia) is 12 years old and in in yr 7 at Hunters Hill High School. Fia lives locally, with her mum Michelle, her dad Andreas and little brother Nils. From a family of artists, as well as attending art classes, it isn’t surprising that Fia’s passion is art.

When did you realise you love art?

I would say I have always loved art. I have been drawing and painting since I can remember. When I was very young I would spend hours finger painting. Once I filled the entire floor of our house with my butterfly prints. As I got older, art was always something I enjoyed to pass the time when we travelled or on school excursions. Once on a year 4 excursion to the city, I drew a cityscape in my sketch pad and the teacher loved it so much they entered it in Young In Art. The school framed it and it now hangs in the school office. My nan is an art teacher, and we sometimes to go to the bush at Boronia Park and sit in nature and just draw what we see and feel. I love to draw nature the most.

Who helped you understand art?

My Nan, Heidi Woodhead and my art teacher Deanne from Limelight Studios. I now have private weekly lessons at Limelight. I also love to go to Deanne’s holiday workshops.

What’ so hard about art?

One of the hardest things is drawing in perspective and shading, which is used to create the illusion of 3D. If you don’t shade correctly it is considered colouring in. I really enjoy drawing optical illusions.

Your best art moment?

It’s hard to pick one best moment, there have been a few. When I was 8 years old I instigated the mural on the Telstra box on High Street at Boronia Park. It used to be so ugly, covered in swear words, tags and graffiti. I complained about it so much that mum got permission for us to paint a mural on it.  Mum, Nan and I all painted a mural of the park including the local wildlife, my pet Blue Tongue ‘Russell’ even posed for his portrait on the mural . Now it is free of graffiti and lots of people enjoy the mural and take photos of it all the time.arts

I was very excited to be selected for the Arts Alive Visual Arts Camp, held at Avalon this year, this was a gifted and talented camp. Unfortunately I broke my right wrist just beforehand. I was still determined to go, as I wouldn’t get another chance to participate, so I had to learn how to draw and paint with my left hand. The teachers at the camp were amazed by what I created with only the use of my left hand, I had never drawn or painted with my left hand before. I felt very proud of my achievement.

This year I entered the Centrehouse Eve Vonwiller Youth Art Awards, the theme was Celebrating our Future City. I create a clay sculpture of little mobile houses, called ‘Earth Pods’, I received a commented award.

Where do you imagine your art will take you?

I would like to enter my art in the Sydney Royal next year and one day, I hope I can display my art in an art museum. I would really love to go to an art college after high school.

Thanks Fia, we have loved hearing how you are following your art dreams, through #passion and action. You fit our #youngdreamer ideals perfectly… We wish you every success and love being part of your art journey.

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